The Niche

Environmental design for Crystal Bridges in an experimental gallery space called The Niche. Organized and designed as head of the Niche committee at Crystal Bridges.

2020 | As a designer for both the Momentary and Crystal Bridges, I had the opportunity to design for an experimental gallery space, titled The Niche. In the Niche, small scale ideas are prototypes, including non-traditional in-gallery interactions. This cultivates an institutional culture of fun and creativity, promoting discovery among staff and guests. The Niche manifests itself in rotating projects, sometimes incorporating artworks, and sometimes not.

The following projects highlight the wide range of ideas presented in this space. They include environmental design showcasing information on Louise Bourgeois’ Maman in Difficult Installs; presenting artwork to the blind or visually impaired in Multisensory; and explaining a seldom-discussed museum role in The Courier.

To display information on the recent de-installation and re-installation of Louise Bourgeois’ Maman, I chose to develop and produce engaging crane and artwork illustrations for the space. Photos and videos of the installation process were also included.

The idea behind this project consisted of highlighting museum-wide accessibility efforts for the blind and visually impaired. This included showcasing our collection of braille artworks and introducing audio descriptions and audio gallery tours to our guests who may not have been familiar.

A courier is a museum employee, usually also a curator, who accompanies an artwork as it travels. In this exhibition, we showed the role of a courier through the lens of an artowork’s travel buddy. We also included a full-sized travel crate within this small space as an illustration of the importance of this position.