The Momentary

Environmental design, wayfinding, digital signage, and print collateral for the Momentary, an all-new contemporary art space in Bentonville, AR. Created as a designer for the Momentary.

2020 | Near the end of last year, I was hired on as the sole in-house designer for a new satellite project to Crystal Bridges. Called the Momentary, this contemporary art space transformed a decommissioned 63,000-square-foot cheese factory into a multidisciplinary space for visual and performing arts, culinary experiences, festivals, and artists-in-residence.

Work as a graphic designer for the Momentary consisted of designing solutions to the many problems and challenges associated with opening a brand new space. This included interior wayfinding, digital signage, exterior wayfinding, and print collateral.

As part of this adaptive reuse project, I worked closely with team members at Wheeler Kearns Architects based out of Chicago. Through our collaboration, we developed wayfinding throughout the galleries, mezzanines, tower, back-of-house spaces, and outdoor green area. The following showcases some of our work in transforming this space with an ongoing goal of keeping as much as possible of the original building intact—including minute details such as wall surfaces and chipping paint. As an example of this, most of our interior wayfinding was painted directly on to the surface of existing walls.

In addition to painted on wayfinding, much of the information design of this space was established through digital signage. This includes menu screens, sponsorship recognition, on-site digital promos, and a six-screen display in the lobby as you enter the building. The following showcases some of our efforts to display information through a user-friendly and easily-updatable system.

Outdoor wayfinding for the Momentary green was implemented using semi-permanent exterior signs. This outdoor area is meant to serve as an ideal place for picnics, social gatherings, music festivals, and more art exploration. Walking and biking through this area is also encouraged.

Finally, collateral was produced using a sourced local printer. Layout for this quad-fold brochure features information about the space, culinary offerings, architectural elements, rules, as well as an illustrated map.